The famous rapper Husky received a gunshot wound

Известный рэпер Хаски получил огнестрельное ранение The young man was attacked intruders. When Husky and his colleague rich were during the video shooting in the Moscow region, a group of men was in a drunken state, attacked the artists and their colleagues. Investigating the incident involved the police.
Известный рэпер Хаски получил огнестрельное ранение

Today in mass media the information appeared that the hip-hop artist Dmitry Kuznetsov, acting under the pseudonym Husky and rapper Richard Semashko, which became popular under the name of the rich, were victims of bullies. A group of criminals attacked the actors, who shot the clip in an abandoned building, located in city Zheleznodorozhny in the Moscow region.

It is reported that the incident occurred on 1 may. Three men who were drunk, came to Semashkov and his colleagues. Unknown asked, what are you doing on an abandoned site. Learn that artists work, the bullies began to cling to the words, and then attacked the young people began to hit them with their feet.

When other members of the crew along with Husky arrived to help, the attackers took a traumatic gun and opened fire. As a result, the rapper and his three colleagues were injured. In turn, the rich serious concussion. During the conversation with reporters, he said that he lost consciousness after a blow with a pistol butt to the head.

“It is not clear that they ever wanted. Rushed into the fray. I do almost immediately passed out, hit the gun on the head. I fell, deprived of consciousness. Woke up in the hospital, there he learned that the Huskies received a gunshot wound to the leg and that even our children suffered. Fortunately, my injury was non-hazardous, from the hospital on the same day wrote,” Richard told reporters.

On the official page of the Husky in a social network “Vkontakte” appeared the information that the artist brings spring tour to Russia in the fall. “Dima everything is fine, threats to life and health no. Gentlemen of the press, don’t call. Nothing interesting, we do not have”, – said the administrator of the community of rapper.

Admirers of a promising hip-hop artist began wishing the film crew a speedy recovery. “Get well,” “All alive, and that’s good,” “Be careful,” “grow stronger” – write the users of social networks.

After an armed attack the musicians and their colleagues have addressed in law enforcement bodies, informs “Moscow Komsomolets”. As reported by journalists, the priority version is considered disorderly conduct.

Add that the new album Husky “Favorite songs (imaginary) people”, released in late March, caused heated discussions in the music industry. Resonance the album became the third in the discography of Dmitry Kuznetsov, a graduate of journalism, Moscow state University, who moved to Moscow from Ulan-Ude.