The famous participant of “House-2” appeared in the center of a sex scandal

Известная участница «Дома-2» оказалась в центре секс-скандала In the Network surfaced details of the past of Julia Efremenkova. It turned out that many years ago the star telestroke participated in intimate photo shoots and music videos. The girl admitted that he regrets his actions and tries to forget unpleasant history.

      The fans of “House-2” was surprised to learn about the indecent behavior of one of the brightest participants of the project Yulia Efremenkova. The contestant of the show “Want in VIA GRU” came to a Clearing with a hard life, promising to fight for the truth by any means. The brunette immediately bought his weight in the team due to a sharp and straightforward statements, unfettered behavior and vivid quarrels with colleagues on a platform.

      But the leadership of telestroke became aware of Efremenkova the past – turns out she was doing a very questionable job Nude starred in photo shoots and commercials for money. Yulia for all time of stay in the perimeter never talked about such earnings. After heated debates and discussions with other participants and the leading “House-2” of the situation, the girl admitted that repents and condemns himself.

      Later on Instagram she published a post which attempted to answer the offenders. “The most important thing that their relatives are alive and healthy, the rest does not matter! The sins of others to judge you so hard rushes – start with their own and other people do not get,” – wrote in the microblog Julia.

      Followers left a few hundred messages in the comments under this entry. Some criticized her for inappropriate behavior, others on the contrary, praised the courage of Efremenkova and wished strength and patience. “Maybe you start with yourself? To discuss and planting others with his poisonous tongue. Everything in life is a boomerang comes. Pretend to be decent, but now still continues to behave obscene”, “do Not pay attention to evil people, good for you and live with your head held high”, “Hmm, didn’t expect this from you. So I liked you, so judicious were all talking. And there you go-that was even worse” “well Done, Julia! Did not head in the sand to hide. Yes, it was. Anyone who can understand and accept, and someone – no. Everyone has their own life,” wrote the social network users.

      This story was close to another star of the project, which surfaced the same information. Olga Rapunzel tried to protect a friend, saying that they can all be wrong, especially since it was a long time ago. The model believes that the most important time to realize mistakes and avoid them in the future. And also noted that she now wants children and is preparing for the imminent wedding on telestroke with the beloved Dmitry Dmitrenko.

      The star of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel justified for the work in intimate chats