The famous magician David Copperfield was accused of sexual harassment

Знаменитого иллюзиониста Дэвида Копперфилда обвинили в сексуальных домогательствах
Army of victims of the scandal has added yet another big name.

David Copperfield


The famous 61-year-old illusionist, famous for his
incredible tricks, like “levitating” over the Grand canyon or “disappearance”
The statue of liberty got into a very bad situation.

Copperfield, who in the past met with Claudia Schiffer, have become in the past the target of accusations of harassment — this was back in 2007. But
then during the police investigation it was proved that the accused
his woman was just a gold digger who has already managed to Rob multiple victims.
And in the raging in the Hollywood scandal that began with revelations Harvey
Weinstein, David, as someone who has been in similar circumstances, decided
to share his thoughts: “My life and my family’s lives have divided
then in two: before and after. It took three years, during which
we “curse” in the press, before the FBI investigation has not set my
innocence. So I urge everyone who learns a new story about
harassment. Hearken in all carefully and not rush to condemn anyone!”

It took quite a bit of time with
the moment Copperfield shared his thoughts on the page
the social network, as it came under new charges. Model Brittney Lewis
said that in 1988, has been abused by David. Britney,
the time was only 17 years old, said: it all happened when she took part in
beauty contest, where Copperfield was
honorary member of the jury.

After the contest, he allegedly invited her to his show and then offered to drink
a bit at the bar. And the last thing she remembers, according to Lewis, is how he
poured something from his glass into it. When I woke up, I was naked. And vaguely
remembered that he kissed her. However, the rape then she is not a victim,
therefore, the police said.

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