Известная фигуристка возмущена поступком Ольги Бузовой Bronze medalist at the world figure skating Championships Anna Pogorelaya thinks to sue the singer in court. The famous figure skater was outraged by the act of Olga Buzova, the new clip is a excerpt performances of the athletes.
Известная фигуристка возмущена поступком Ольги Бузовой

Especially the beginning of the football World Cup which this year takes place in Russia, Olga Buzova presented a new video for the song “champion”. The film unfolds at the stadium. Streltsova in Moscow. Olga in sexy sports costume runs, overcoming obstacles and the pain from his injuries. Parallel glimpses of footage from the performances of players in Games in Pyeongchang, goals scored by players of the Russian Premier League and the skaters. Including a small episode just a few seconds where the athlete falls on ice. In this athlete fans know Anna Pogorily. It turned out that the skater was not aware that her performance was used in the video. She expressed her outrage about this on his page in Instagram.

“I received not a few reports that I hit the clip Buzova, and also asked me did I consent to it. I will answer all at once, I didn’t know that I put in a new clip, and most worryingly, I was not that was not asked, and took not the best snippet of my speeches,” wrote the skater.

In review Anna also added that “in America would be immediately filed in court, wrote the skater, – a bad moment, understand.” Internet-users have supported the skater and shared her outrage. They believe that it is necessary to demand compensation for moral damage, others that at least you should have put a better time of hire. “Ask for compensation! For taking material without permission and for non-pecuniary damage”, “I believe that at least a public apology from Buzova should be! I don’t know why, but it became insulting for you”, “you sue, and put this upstart in his place!” – written by fans of a skater.

However, some said that as far as they know to ask permission was not necessary because the recording of performances in the Championships are shared. And besides, even after the fall shown in the video, Anna has managed to become the bronze medalist of the competition.


But Anna, in the video there are other famous athletes. In the shootings took part in Alexander Ovechkin and Adelina Sotnikova.

Olga Buzova has not commented on the disturbance figure skater. Earlier, immediately after the premiere of the video Olga wrote how grateful to everyone who made this video and explained the main objectives, releasing the song: “big Thanks to the video Director and his entire team for the implementation of this history. In the clip there are three very important ideas: first, that you must go forward despite all the obstacles, despite the difficulties, the negativity, gossip and evil tongues! The second is to support our athletes on the eve of the world Cup and tell them that for us they are the Champions, we believe in you and hurt the whole country! The third is to remind everyone that Russia is a Great power in sports! You have the whole world and you’re his idol! And the world needs a champion!” – wrote Olga.