The famous Director took the wife of the guitarist Valery didula

Известный режиссер увел жену у гитариста Валерия Дидюли Artists brought work together. Will soon be out of Oleg Dray, in which the main role was played by the singer and blogger ЕVгеника. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the result of their creativity.
Известный режиссер увел жену у гитариста Валерия Дидюли

The other day passers-by in the area of metro station “Spartak” could see a strange scene: from the old “Zhiguli” has literally fallen out of a well-dressed lady with a face smeared makeup and dropping on the road a number of packages from expensive boutiques, tottered on the high heels away.

Few would recognize in this ravaged lady popular singer and blogger ЕVгенику, the wife of famed guitarist and composer Valery didulja. However, the fact remains that it was her. And brought it to such a deplorable condition not a native husband, and the poet and composer Workhorse, having had ЕVгенику to star in the lead role in his video for the song “Pants”. As for Valery didula, he personally has sanctioned this mockery of his wife and during the filming eagerly took on the role of photographer.

Известный режиссер увел жену у гитариста Валерия Дидюли

“The video is so good that there is practically no plot, and it is not in any way associated with the song that we recorded together with Eugene, the author of the script and the Director’s Intent. – Essentially is a retelling of the timeless stories of the meeting of Beauty and the Beast, where Beauty – ЕVгеника, and the monster is the result of tool-genetic catastrophe on the “AVTOVAZ”. And the main goal of our crew was simple: to show how two minutes on the “Lada” is able to make any phony glamour doll living person!”

I must say that the song and the clip “Pants” is not the first experience of joint work of artists. It EVгеника became ispolnitelniy caused a fuss poems Carter “Fabulous Bali” and “8 March”. As for the image of the “fool with the ruble”, that is just one of the roles of the talented singer and actress, in which she is reincarnated, reading witty and topical poems in his blog.

“We with Oleg Lomov met not so long ago, but somehow immediately found a common language. We both prefer to fix this is not a perfect world with humor and satire. I hope that the audience will appreciate our new working together and in the end imbued with sympathy for my character. Although initially of course it is not the warmest feelings!” – said the main character of the clip.

Clip – “Pants” will appear online next week.