The famous actress admitted affair with a married Harrison Ford

Известная актриса призналась в романе с женатым Харрисоном Фордом
Carrie Fisher could not believe his luck.

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford

Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the first three
the movie franchise “Star wars” episode, released last year, was made recently an unexpected confession. It
told that she had an affair with Harrison Ford. And although since then
many years have passed, she still remembers him with fondness and
appreciation. Recently, going through his old things, the actress came across
your old diary and decided to share my love story with the newspaper People.

“I first saw Harrison in Los Angeles, when auditioned
for the role of Leia. And he’s completely blinded
me – Ford looked like a hero, like a real movie star…” — says Carrie.
They got close at the party on the occasion of the birthday of film Director George Lucas. “From that day
all started. All week we played the love between our heroes, and on weekends
the unfolding of a novel — between ourselves. Our passion was
the rapid, albeit short-lived…” — said Fisher.

However, as recognized by the actress, for all three
months, what was their relationship, she constantly doubted her
it seemed that she’s not good enough for Ford: “I looked at him and thought:
is such a great guy like Harrison can aspire to be with
inexperienced and naive special, like me? However, he was very gentle and kind with me…”

The most piquant in this story was the fact that unlike Carrie,
Ford at that time was not free. It
was married to his first wife — Mary Marquardt, the mother of his two children —
Malcolm and Georgia…