The family’s lawyer Gurchenko: “We will do everything to Masha was buried beside his mother”

Адвокат семьи Гурченко: «Мы сделаем все, чтобы Машу похоронили рядом с матерью» Shota Gorgadze told about the last days of Queen. According to a legal representative, they will try to grave daughter Gurchenko was nearby her area.
Адвокат семьи Гурченко: «Мы сделаем все, чтобы Машу похоронили рядом с матерью»

Today it became known that died daughter Lyudmila Gurchenko Mary Queen. Reportedly, the woman died at the age of 58 years. According to preliminary data, she became ill in his apartment building. She was going to the clinic. When medics come, they stated that death occurred.

Died daughter Lyudmila Gurchenko

Elena Koroleva has not commented on the sad event that happened in their family. Now the family and their lawyer are trying to organize the funeral of the successor of the great artist. “StarHit” contacted Shota Gorgadze, who spent many years working with the family of Lyudmila Markovna.

“I know that she died unexpectedly. She was not sick. Probably it became bad with heart. I saw Mary three weeks ago. They looked great. We talked” – said Shota Rogozin in an interview with “StarHit”.

Presumably, a legal representative will help Mary’s family to organize the funeral.

“We plan to do the will of the granddaughter Lyudmila Markovna. She wants Mary was buried next to her mother. This is understandable. We will solve this question. We will face some difficulties. People, who for so many years gave their works a great actress, deserves to have her daughter buried with her,” explained Gorgadze.

Grave of Lyudmila Markovna located in the Novodevichy cemetery. Typically, there are areas considered to be very expensive and sometimes land purchase in advance. Originally, father wanted to be buried next to his parents and a grandson on Vagankovsky, however, it is not possible to organize.

Recall that R. O. helped the family of a granddaughter and daughter Gurchenko during the fight over the estate of the deceased artist. The last star spouse Sergey Senin and Mary Queen sued for an apartment in Trekhprudny lane. However, after a while they managed to reach an understanding. Housing star Senin turned into a Museum to her memory. Sergei explained that he had not held a grudge against the Queen.

“We have covered all the issues in a manner which I suggested in the beginning. I came to the conclusion that Mary is very kind and gentle person,” said the man in the air one of the programs.