The family’s lawyer Friske responded to allegations of fraud

Адвокат семьи Фриске ответил на обвинения в мошенничестве Vladimir Friske demands to return him three million. The man claims that he transferred the funds to a lawyer in the hope that he will make maximum efforts to win in court against Dmitry Shepelev. The result of the father of Zhanna Friske was not satisfied, and now he intends to get justice.
Адвокат семьи Фриске ответил на обвинения в мошенничестве

The Friske family was again in the epicenter of the scandal. Did not have time to resolve the situation with the missing from the account of Joan 20 million rubles, which is not the first year tries to find the “Rusfond”, emerged a new amount. This time almost 3 million roubles. According to Vladimir Friske, the same amount he paid for the services of lawyer Sergei Storm and now wants to return, accusing the lawyer in the fraud.

We will remind that Sergey Storm has tried to come to an agreement with Dmitry Shepelev, that he allowed the relatives to see the baby Plato. However, in December of 2016, Vladimir Borisovich has decided to cease cooperation with Sergey, and last week wrote a letter to the Prosecutor asking to check the activities of the Thunderstorm.

“Sergei I have recommended friends, – shared with “StarHit” Vladimir Borisovich. – You know, when I lost my daughter, and then lost his ability to communicate with his grandson, already a little attention to those around me. The storm promised that all will make, and we will be able to hold with Plato, at least the weekend. Took 2.7 million. I brought in an envelope. The result for the year the situation has not moved forward. Grandson we never got to see.

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Since then Sergei stopped to take up. I went to his office with a demand to clarify the situation: why should I pay for zero result? Let return at least half. In response, I said that no there was no money. I have the feeling that he just conspired with Dmitry Shepelev”.
Адвокат семьи Фриске ответил на обвинения в мошенничестве

According to Friske, it is not the only one who was a victim of this law firm. “StarHit” contacted Sergey Storm.

“I’m father’s funeral, told reporters in the afternoon. I don’t understand what is the claim? I have all the documents on hand. Ready to dialogue. I personally Vladimir did not pay. But there are people who gave money for him, his friends and their relationships. Perhaps Vladimir was angry at me after a conversation about his business in Dubai. Recently, he began selling his hotel. Asked to advise where best to invest money abroad. To this I replied that I am a patriot of his country and resources you need to transfer to Russia and to pay taxes.”