The family of Vera Alentova reacted to the reports about the accident

Семья Веры Алентовой отреагировала на сообщения об аварии The man commented on the rumors about the accident with the actress. According to him, all the information about the collision is fake. Previously, several publications reported that the actress crashed the car into another car.

      Семья Веры Алентовой отреагировала на сообщения об аварии

      According to several publications, the famous actress Vera Alentova, while driving, crashed into another car. As reported by the media, the accident happened on December 27 in the center of Moscow on Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya street. As I write, the car Alentova “Lexus” manoeuvered: rebuilt from one row to another. As the car stars moving at great speed, it failed to avoid collision with those in front.

      As reported by the media, in road accident nobody suffered. However, as reported by the second party of the accident, his car needs repairs. After the collision with the “Lexus” car broken bumper and the door. According to some Alentova was fined in the amount of 500 rubles.

      “StarHit” decided to clarify the situation and called the actress. Answered the man, who immediately commented on the information about accidents involving Alentova.

      “No accident was not, is a fake”, – said the representative of the actress.

      We will remind that Vera Alentova remembered the Russian audience for the films “envy of the gods”, “Shirley myrli”, “Tomorrow was the war”, “Moscow does not believe in tears”. For several years, the actress works at the Institute of Cinematography, where together with her husband Vladimir Menshov directs the acting and directing workshop. A few years ago by the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Vera Alentova was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree. Also the star was awarded “for the big contribution to development of domestic theatrical and cinematic arts, many years of creative activity”.

      As recalled herself Alentova, she managed to enter the acting Department immediately. “I dreamed of the stage since childhood, but because my grandfather was a doctor, too, was going to become a doctor. Not received”, – well remembered star of Soviet cinema, the beginning of his career.