The family of Vasily Shukshin refused to help his first wife

Семья Василия Шукшина отказалась помогать его первой жене Maria Shumskaya is unwell and needs money. The woman lives in Gorno-Altaisk, in the winter she suffered a heart attack. Her assistant told about the health of women and their Association with the daughters of Vasily Shukshin.
Семья Василия Шукшина отказалась помогать его первой жене

The first wife of the writer Vasily Shukshina Maria Shumskaya suffered a heart attack after participating in one of teleprograms. 87-year-old woman underwent long-term treatment in the cardiological center of Gorno-Altaysk, then she was transferred to the district hospital. Assistant Maria Ivanovna Vladimir Kovalev keeps journalists abreast of what is happening. In late February, a woman was refused treatment in a medical institution.

The Minister of health of the Republic Vladimir Alekseevich, Peleganchuk had assisted her, but the daughter she did not want to try to solve the situation.

“To Masha Shukshina I was never able to get through. When Maria Ivanovna became ill, he turned to Ola. She replied, saying that you are panicking, it was necessary to plan for this outcome, think about the shroud… But how can you be ready? Then I called her, thought support. And she said she is in Africa and could do nothing about it. Then stopped with her all communication and stopped answering her calls”, – said Vladimir.

According to the man, now Shumsky is much better, her condition stabiliziruemost therefore the woman is already at home. “Native walls help, as they say. Slowly began to eat. Helps the nurse who is with her always is. Pay her with their pensions”, – said the assistant to Maria Ivanovna.

Shumskaya she admitted that a lot of thinking lately. “I think about life. In another way we had to live…” says the older woman.

The first wife of Vasily Shukshin was found with the other woman

Earlier Olga, the eldest daughter of actor and writer, promised to look after Maria Ivanovna. Now, however, about the old woman forgotten. Only Vladimir and cares about her.

“I often include films of Shukshin. She lives in the past, cherishes all the moments in my memory… Even married never came back out, she either. Now regret only that lost the disks with the documentary records, which is and it, and Shukshin. They did not recover. Also gone is the marriage certificate with Vasily Makarovich. That is the big tragedy of Maria Ivanovna. But she is easily appeased. Anyone not hold a grudge”, – said Vladimir “Interlocutor”.