The family of the singer Natalie arguing over a newborn baby

Семья певицы Натали спорит из-за новорожденного малыша Close artist fighting for the attention of the child. Spouse and children Natalie want to spend with a small Jack most of the time, and everyone wants to be with him longer. The pop star told “StarHit” what fears in this regard.
Семья певицы Натали спорит из-за новорожденного малыша

From celebrity April 7, a son, Zhenya. The appearance of a 43-year-old star of the new member provoked unrest among the rest of the men: her husband Alexander, and the eldest sons of the singer’s 15 – year-old Arseny and 6-year-old Anatoly. “With the birth of Zhenya I have four sons because of my husband, I, too, believe the child, just adults, says Natalie “StarHit”. But due to the fact that the difference with the kid all have huge, today, of course, he is the center of our universe.”

According to the artist, the whole family was literally shaking over baby and everyone wants to spend at least some time.

“The house is not so much about the jealousy of question, on the contrary, all are ready to fight for the attention of the youngest, – says the star. – It is necessary to observe how Sasha, Hsien Roofing rush to him, is to to beep – and bent over the cot, hoot, stroking my belly… I can already see how in four months they will argue, who will give his Wife first spoonful of solid foods, and after – who will hold his hand when the son will take his first steps.”
Семья певицы Натали спорит из-за новорожденного малыша

Little Zhenya also goes to max’s mom’s attention. The singer cannot step away from the boy and tries to catch his every gesture.

“Yes, and I also a good thing to hide – it can’t come off. Like that joke, when a woman no end sings to the newborn, and he to her, “Mom, maybe you shut up and let me sleep?” Probably because I too long could not get pregnant the first-born, I to each child is treated as a gift of God, admits Natalie. – That worry, however all four of us are not spoiled toddler and not deprived of his right to be independent. And it will grow, you will see that everything in front of him on tiptoe, run, and be one of us the ropes. As soon as my Wife will be six months, hold a family Council, that we raise all the same guy, and not a daughter. Period!”