The family of the Prince is negotiating a reality show

Семья Принса ведёт переговоры о реалити-шоу

Relatives of the deceased singer Prince, who died a year ago, I decided to do a reality program about how has their life after the premature death of their relative. While the producers and executors celebrities find out in court whether the public is free to hear new songs celebrity recorded the unreleased album of the singer “Deliverance”, George Ian Boxill announced the upcoming reality show.

TMZ reports, referring to the words of Boxella that the main reason why the relatives of the Prince block the release of the album, is their desire to introduce this music into a reality program. Until they find a TV station willing to broadcast a reality show on their terms. The program should tell of how life has changed for the native Prince after his death.
We will remind that the representative of Warner Bros. Records recently announced the company’s readiness to re-release the album “Purple Rain”, is considered a classic, as well as plans to play two live concert of Prince in the form of films on his oeuvre.