The family of the deceased girlfriend of Jim Carrey is trying to destroy it

Семья погибшей подруги Джима Керри пытается его уничтожить Mother of the late Katrina white sure that the comedian brought her daughter to suicide. Relatives of the suicide girls are going to go to the end and tell the whole world about what really was behind the act ex-lover Jim Carrey.

      Семья погибшей подруги Джима Керри пытается его уничтожить

      In October of Brigid Sweetman, mother of the deceased, published a fragment of correspondence between Catriona and Jim found the phone dead daughter. In a communication dated 28 January 2013 Catriona complains of symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Jim tries to convince her that it was caused by the careless shaving bikini area or too intense sex, and then suggests that she could pick up something before meeting with him.

      To this passage the lawyers Mrs. Sweetman put the results of the analyses that Jim allegedly passed on 31 January 2013, under the name of the clinic is the pseudonym of Jose Lopez. Tests revealed “Jose” hepatitis a, herpes, and chlamydia. It gave the mother of Catriona reason to add to the “incitement to suicide” accusation that Jim gave her daughter this unpleasant flavor, not warned about the risk.

      Native Katrina white: “We want the whole world learned the truth about Jim Carrey”

      Fictitious husband

      We will remind that 30-year-old makeup artist Catriona white poisoned pills soon after breaking up with Jim. Near the body police found the bubbles from the potent drugs, issued in the name of the actor, and addressed to him the suicide note.

      “I can’t believe it’s been three days you’re not around – written by Catriona. – I could continue to live with a broken heart, picking up the pieces, but I have no more strength. Sorry if it seemed that I don’t love you. I tried to give the best that I have had.”

      According to Kerry, Catriona had left him myself. Shortly before the final quarrel the only daughter of comedian Jane had a emergency surgery. Jim was on duty in the hospital, I could not give my lover as much time as she demanded, sharply reacted to the fact that Catriona jealous of his daughter. After he forgave her of something far more serious than lack of attention.

      Семья погибшей подруги Джима Керри пытается его уничтожить“We started Dating in 2012 – said the late actor in a statement to the court. Soon Kate, who came to the US from Ireland, asked me to marry her so she could obtain a work permit. I paid for her housing and monthly issued $ 800 for personal expenses, but the marriage was not in my plans. In January 2013 I found out that she was, continuing a relationship with me, married another. I thought marriage was a sham, because before the wedding, kat never mentioned this man’s name”.


      However, exactly a year after the tragedy, it is the husband of katriona operator mark Burton first brought Jim to the court because of the circumstances of her death. In a statement, mark wrote that the actor Catriona was supplying drugs that were bought illegally. Them she used to take his own life. The police found the phone of Catriona message from Jim asking where are the drugs from his chest, but mark claims that this is just a Ruse to clear the actor from suspicion. In addition, he said that Jim has not given a dime to the funeral, although publicly promised the family to pay for everything.

      Семья погибшей подруги Джима Керри пытается его уничтожить

      Mark supported the mother Katrina white, which in early October filed a similar lawsuit. It included drafts of a suicide letter daughter.

      “Tell the press about the physical and moral abuse and diseases, which Jim gave it to me, – asked Catriona to the family. Jim, my death is on your hands. I hope the publicity will be a lesson for you. You’re not above having to answer for their actions”.

      However, Mrs. Sweetman ready to withdraw the case if Kerry’s document prove I was not ill with venereal disease during cohabitation with Catriona. Jim calls it “a heartless attempt to cash in on tragedy” and “extortion.” It is no secret that Catriona was suffering from mental disorder, was a hypochondriac, subject to rapid mood swings. Proof of this can be found in the same drafts. Here is what she wrote, being in another mood: “I’m a stranger in this world, my soul is too mutilated to me it was possible to love. I love Jim, I’m sorry I caused him so much trouble. He’s strong and kind man with whom I was happy.”