The family of Rita Agibalova adopted in Cyprus important guests

Семья Риты Агибаловой приняла на Кипре важных гостей Olga Gazhienko together with his son Cyril has arrived to relative on vacation. The children of the sisters were happy to see to see each other and instantly started playing with a water gun. In the video, which Olga shared in social networks, you can see the Villa where the family lives Agibalova.

      Семья Риты Агибаловой приняла на Кипре важных гостей

      Olga Gazhienko missed sister and came along with his son Kirill to it on Sunny Cyprus. Ex-participant of “House-2” Margarita Agibalova have become accustomed to life on the island with his children Mat and Bella. According to her, they like in Cyprus, they settled for good on a long vacation, as her family is tired of the city fuss, and the island life is measured and calm.

      Agibalova sister said that she and her son have faced difficulties, yet flew to Larnaca. During the flight they lost their special baggage – gyrometer that they were carrying the gift to mit. A little later, Olga has published in your social network post of joy: “Ilya found gyrometer! Said, blame Larnaca, did not notice the bag, and she flew back to Moscow. Now solved the issue of sending back to Cyprus.”

      At Villa Marguerite, where she resides with her husband Paul Marceau, the children joyfully greeted each other. Olga showed a video in which Mitya and her son Cyril happily play with each other and run around the kitchen while her sister prepares a culinary masterpiece. In another mini-clip the guys have fun and shoot from the water gun. “Blaster is cool! Shoots water far. Heavy, but the kids do it!” – said Olga.

      Since Monday in Cyprus was hot and Solnechniy weather, the sisters, together with children went to the beach. Margarita is not just his fans, what sand castles get her kids. In the new photos shared by ex-member show “Dom-2”, can be seen as Cyril lies on the sand in the pose of a star, and Mitya floating in the sea near the shore in the children’s circle.

      Семья Риты Агибаловой приняла на Кипре важных гостей

      The photos and video from the pages of the sisters it is also possible to estimate the scale of the Villa Agibalova. In the fenced area is a gorgeous pool and green walkways, inside the house – multiple spacious rooms and tastefully furnished kitchen. Presumably, to the sea to go very close.

      After returning to Russia from Margarita and Paul Marceau will be able to live in his own apartment. They bought a house in a newly built house. Before they will enter there, they will have to live with my mother star of the TV show Irina Agibalova.

      Video posted by Olga Gazhienko (Agibalova) (@olgagajienko) APR 25, 2016 at 2:01 PDT

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