The family of Oleg Yankovsky is not helping his niece with a disability

Семья Олега Янковского не помогает его племяннице-инвалиду Relatives live in Saratov and barely make ends meet. The wife and daughter of the brother of Oleg Yankovsky is not communicated with the famous folks for 10 years and do not intend to ask them for help.

      Семья Олега Янковского не помогает его племяннице-инвалиду

      In the courtyard of the dilapidated five-story building on the outskirts of Saratov, you can often see an elderly woman walking with her daughter. A couple comes to a favorite store for a loaf of bread and yogurt, and then returns to a small apartment. Few people know that this is representative of the famous name of Jankowski. Widow of Nicholas, the brother of actor, struggling to make ends meet. Lidiya Yankovskaya lives with 42-year-old Olga – so convenient for each other to care.

      “Olya and both retired. I’m old, and she was the first group of disability. When her health failed, her husband put out of the house with all the things and she moved in with me – says “StarHit” Lidia Petrovna. – Pro known relatives remember, only when we read articles in Newspapers and magazines. A huge pile accumulated, nothing is emitted. That heard recently that roly – my great-nephew – with Yarmolnik acted. Proud of him, wish that he not hear from me. Everything is built on relationships best. God forbid that I ask them for money. We, of course, is not easy to live, but to seek help from their pride does not allow”.

      Семья Олега Янковского не помогает его племяннице-инвалиду

      Lidia did not communicate with relatives in Moscow for 10 years. During this time, according to her, the house never heard them call.

      “When my husband nick was alive, they even happy birthday not congratulated. He was executed 70, then 75 – no news, – complains Yankovskaya. – Nicholas was very sad because of the relationship with the widow of his brother Luda. Warm communication they never did. Maybe Lyudmila Alexandrovna didn’t want someone like two peas in a pod similar to her husband, reminded of it… still a heavy loss. Nick with his brother he came on the anniversary of the death of Oleg to the grave every year. Only there, at the Novodevichy cemetery, and saw. Will exchange a “Hello” and disperse. Husband wanted to establish contact, but the very first steps to do shy: what to impose?”

      In recognition of Lydia, not even for the funeral of her husband sent money to his brother Rostislav. The rest took the puppet Theatre, where Nicholas worked. “And our relatives in Moscow even sympathy is not brought, not to mention any assistance,” says the woman.