The family of Natasha Koroleva are faced with major natural disasters

Семья Наташи Королевой столкнулась с масштабным стихийным бедствием In Miami, where relatives of the singer, is approaching a powerful hurricane. Natasha Koroleva these days is on the festival “New wave” in Sochi, and her family remained in Florida. The husband of singer Sergey Glushko published in social networks, video reports about what is happening there. The man optimistic.

The family of the famous singer Natasha Koroleva can get into the epicenter of the devastating hurricane “Irma”, which is already close to the U.S. and soon will overwhelm Florida. According to the latest data, the hurricane strengthened to a maximum category of danger, the wind speed is 257 miles per hour.

Natasha Koroleva terribly worried about their relatives remaining in Miami. She is perfectly aware of how vulnerable her family.

“I’ll pray for you!” the singer wrote in the comments to the post of her husband, Sergei Glushko.

The singer is now fully secure. Natasha Koroleva these is in Sochi at the festival “New wave”, talking on Instagram about how he spends time. And of course, she is constantly in touch with his family.

But apparently, the singer’s husband, Sergei Glushko optimistic. Yesterday morning, he promised his followers on Twitter to share the latest information about the hurricane.

“Follow the news. Good luck to everyone! If possible, I put the information, – said Sergey Glushko under the video, shot from the window of the apartment in Miami. Friday, Miami beach, a stronghold of Russian resistance. Preparing for the hurricane.”

Followers of Sergei Glushko wished him luck. And someone recognized him as his housemate and offered to survive a natural disaster together. “Good luck to you! I hope everything will be all right!”, “Be careful. A nightmare!”, “It’s scary. Careful, effort and a lot of patience. Even though quieter blow and better no longer,” “We’re both in the same house! Get it set up. If anything, we have water,” – such comments leave in the microblog Sergey Glushko of his followers.

Then Sergey Glushko made a short sketch from the deserted beach. “The empty ocean, rose a little wind and a little walnit, but without crime. Good luck to everyone!” – wrote man.

And just a few hours ago the husband of Natasha Koroleva posted in the blog talking about what Miami is still blowing in the wind. But nothing wrong with it gusts at that time, according to Sergei Glushko, was not.

“Half past nine in the evening in Miami, the wind picked up, but not yet very strong. All good,” says the man behind the scenes.

After this video, members of Sergei Glushko began to advise him to flee Miami. However, no one comment to this post, he hasn’t responded, but later posted a video showing his fearlessness before elements.