Близким Михаила Задорнова не хватило денег на его последнюю волю The satirist did not finish work on the film. When Mikhail Zadornov did not, the team did not have enough money to finish the picture. Came to help fans of comedian.
Близким Михаила Задорнова не хватило денег на его последнюю волю

Until his death, satirist, worked on her own film “Once in America, or Purely Russian tale.” Mikhail wanted to act not only as writer and Director of Comedy, but to play multiple roles – the US President Donald trump and the old king. Unfortunately, cancer prevented him to implement his plan – the artist passed away in November 2017 after several years of struggle. Zadornov managed to withdraw as a narrator for the scene before the final credits, his voice will sound throughout the picture… After the departure of comedian Director Dmitry Panchenko and producer Maxim Zabelin continued to work, but they don’t have enough money for the final shots, and also some technical equipment. Came to the aid of admirers of the playwright.

“We had about 2.2 million rubles, – says the “StarHit” Maxim Zabelin, the film’s producer. – Placed details and information about the picture on the website, and several months fans of Mikhail Nikolaevich gathered about 500 thousand rubles. This amount was enough to worthy to complete. Grateful to everyone who responded and participated in our common cause. And thanks to the Ministry of culture and the NTV channel, which also contributed!”.
Близким Михаила Задорнова не хватило денег на его последнюю волю

Widow Helen and a daughter of the satirist did not just come to the set. They gave advice, as Zadornov houses are often imagined and described how he sees a particular sketch.

“The daughter of Mikhail also took part, so to speak, this will be her debut on the big screen, – continues Maxim. Lena coped with ease with the role of Advisor to the President. Her partner in the frame was the actor Sergey Dorogov, reincarnated into Donald trump, whose role was originally intended Zadornov himself. The casting was serious, the young and eminent artists. Are now at the final stage of the installation. Are parallel to the negotiations with the film distributors. The first audience and critics of the film will be, of course, relatives of Michael: July 21, in honor of its 70th anniversary will be organized closed premiere, where he will show his family the rough footage. And by the autumn we hope to arrange a full meter.”

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