The family of Michael Schumacher have created an official page of the rider in social networks

Семья Михаэля Шумахера создала официальные страницы гонщика в соцсетях

Family of Michael Schumacher for the past several years trying to restore his health after a serious injury that the League got during the holidays in the mountains. Then, we will remind, the driver, skiing, lost control and was injured on a rock.

Throughout this time the families of Michael brought not only to fight for his health, but also to give back to journalists who want to find out some information about the health of Michael. Not just members of the press have been caught in a lie when talking about the Champion, exploited this theme to attract audience.

Now, all the rumors, gossip and gossip will come to an end. Native Schumacher decided to create an official page in social networks, where they will personally tell as about his health, and recall the achievements of the rider.

The decision on creation of the official page was made in connection with today’s anniversary of the first championship title of the rider — 22 years ago, Schumacher became the Champion of “Formula-1”.

“Welcome to the official page of Michael! We are glad that now we can share with you pleasant memories and a better excuse than the upcoming anniversary of receiving his first world title, not to think. From 13 November this page will be the place of our meetings, a place where we can share memories, celebrate the many achievements of Michael. This is our gesture of gratitude to his wonderful fans,” reads the first post in the social networks of Schumacher.