The family of Jeanne Friske will gather for a concert in memory of singer

Семья Жанны Фриске соберется на концерте памяти певицы In Moscow on 22 November will be held the third event of the charity project “Zhanna Friske – I’m next!”. The participants of the show sing a song of deceased stars. The proceeds from the concert and auction will be directed to charity.

      Семья Жанны Фриске соберется на концерте памяти певицы

      The concert will take place on 22 November in the capital club “Radio city”, which is located in the Peking hotel. Listen to the songs of Joan performed by other artists will come to her parents Vladimir Borisovich and Olga and sister Natalia.

      This is the third event in the charity project “Zhanna Friske – I’m next!”. The proceeds from the concert and auction, which will take place on the same evening, will focus on the implementation of the programme of socialization of children-orphans Mirovskaya orphanage in Voronezh Region.

      “For the time past from the first concert of the charity project “Zhanna Friske – I am near!” held in July this year, a lot has happened, – said the head of the project Alexey Holoptsev. We became part of the Public organization “Social perspective”. So all the information about the activities of the project “Zhanna Friske – I am near!” the use of the funds can be found on the website of the “Social perspectives”. I was attracted by the fact that the people who work in this organization, I love children and genuinely help them. In early November, as part of a charity project at the Theatre of Hope Kadysheva Golden ring was organized a concert of Christmas “So you want to live”, a portion of which were listed in mirovskaya orphanage.”
      Семья Жанны Фриске соберется на концерте памяти певицы

      Tonight on stage will be Alexander Shoua (group “Nepara”), The Jigits, Valery Stronsky (the song “Stay”), “140 blows in a minute,” Peter Elfimov, MONA (ex-Monokini), Vyacheslav Tyurin, Svetlana Roerich, Children’s musical theatre “Domisolka”, LAMA, Ihor Sharov, Olga Komarova, ANГELIKA, Konstantin Kenst, ALL STARS, Evgeny Ponomarev, Olga White, Anastasia Rainska, Dionysus Salmanov, Anastasia Godunova, Andre TAY and others.

      One of the orphanage Evgeny Ponomarev, has long dreamed of the big stage, he writes and performs rap, but mainly for his friends, such as he orphans. And here, on November 22, during a charity concert, his dream will become a reality. He, along with singer Svetlana Roerich will sing a new song.

      Concert tickets can be purchased at the club “Radio city”. Press conference on the occasion of the event will be held on November 21 at the hotel “Tourist” at 14.00. Interestingly, on the same day, the former civil husband Friske Dmitry Shepelev will present a book about the singer “Jeanne” at the hotel “Ukraine”.

      Dmitry Shepelev used the handwriting of Jeanne Friske in his book

      Here is the abstract of the manuscript. “Jeanne” is the first book in Russia about the public, though unwilling, the experience of confronting the disease, the dignity and force with which the fragile Janna took a deadly battle. This is a documentary testimony to years of struggle for life: all stages of the treatment, medical and psychological resistance. The book is addressed primarily to those who are currently struggling with illness or helping someone. It is filled with practical recommendations of what to do when faced with cancer. And most importantly — written in order to support those who are desperate and, perhaps, to inspire faith in the miracle of salvation. It is a call to talk about cancer openly, to overcome the primitive fear of him, to turn him from the curse in just a disease. And it is thanks to everyone who supported Joan throughout her journey. This book is about disease, about how it changes the rainbow and familiar world. About resistance. And, of course, is a love story, without which any battle hardly makes sense”.