Семья Жанны Фриске встретилась с ее сыном после года разлуки Dmitry Shepelev allowed the relatives of the singer to see the boy. According to Natalia Friske, the kid is incredibly similar to his mother. When meeting relatives of the dearly departed actress could not hold back tears.

      Семья Жанны Фриске встретилась с ее сыном после года разлуки

      Now, almost a year Zhanna Friske family trying to achieve the right from time to time to see her son Platon, who had previously for two years, was raised by parents of the singer. However, the ice was broken just now.

      The boy’s father Dmitry Shepelev allowed the relatives to meet and pass the baby gifts that were purchased back in April – the 7th Plato was three years old. The date was on neutral ground in Moscow.

      “It was just me and mum, – has shared with “StarHit” Natasha Friske. – Dad could not, he was unwell. Dima himself chose the site, he was accompanied by three guards, also observed the meeting of a family therapist. Jesus, Plato – copy mother. Immediately recognized me and grandma, called aunt Tata. Are unable to hold back the tears, because I haven’t seen our boy. The psychologist was asked to take himself in hand. Talked about half an hour. Platosha gave the toys. I hope we’ll see each other”.

      Jeanne did not June 15, 2015. Her family still keeps things baby. For example, an album bought for the baby’s arrival, in which Jeanne recorded the height, weight, son, pasted photos. Recall that in March, Natasha turned for help to a psychic and the permanent expert “StarHit” CSI-well, Noruzi. Then he answered questions about Plato. Son of Janna Friske will stay with the father.

      “As soon as he turns three years old, you will see it. But he will live with dad. Dmitry loves the son. And when Plato grows up, he will draw conclusions and come to you.”

      The family’s lawyer Friske talks with lawyers Dmitry Shepelev about communicating with Plato. The representatives of the guardianship authorities gave the green light on the periodic visits of the boy with grandma, grandpa and aunt.

      Last week Dmitry Shepelev for the first time broke the silence and spoke about how grows a little Plato. The TV host revealed that the baby already has their own preferences, and in many ways they coincide with the habits of his mother. By the way, in the house where the seven dwarfs live with the child, are placed everywhere pictures of Zhanna Friske. The boy’s father admitted that in matters of education and discussions on many difficult topics, it helps the psychologist. It also became known that Dmitry Shepelev every day tells his son about mom.

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