The family of Jeanne Friske has threatened the Romanian court

Семья Жанны Фриске пригрозила пранкерам судом

The desire of the existence and launched Lexus to reconcile the warring parties — Vladimir Kopylov and Dmitry Shepelev – was not appreciated by the main defendants in the scandal. Father of Jeanne Friske was extremely angry upon learning that in fact his conversation with Dmitry Shepelev was fake, and happened in the Studio of the program “the call” with the help of Lexus and Vova.

Intervention personal life Vladimir Borisovich to endure did not and wrote a letter to the NTV with the requirement not to publish the resulting audio materials because they violate his right to privacy.

“Illegally collected during the telephone conversation, the media information amount to my personal and family secret,” wrote Friske, hinting that if his request is not heard, he will sue and punish the guilty.

Recently the program has taken place. I wonder whether Friske to deal with the culprit?

Earlier Friske and Shepelev agreed to a truce.

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