The family of Jeanne Friske could not see Plato in his celebration

Семья Жанны Фриске не смогла увидеть Платона в его праздник Sister of the singer told why it happened. Natalia Friske congratulated the kid on his page on “Instagram” and confessed that she loved him more than life.

      Семья Жанны Фриске не смогла увидеть Платона в его праздник

      Yesterday the son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev had a birthday. Little Plato was three years old. The child lives with the father, but the family of the dead mother is also very fond of him. As for the parents and sisters Jeanne boy – this is the sequel.

      For a number of reasons Dmitry Shepelev can’t find with Vladimir Borisovich Friske shared language. It is no secret that relations between the loved ones of Joan is extremely tense. In recognition of the singer’s father, even on the day of the birth of a grandson, he was unable to see Plato.

      “Dima took the Platosha, – has shared with “Stricom” sister Joan, Natalia Friske. – It seems that in Belarus. So to congratulate him failed. I hope that once he returns, will enable us to meet our beloved boy”.

      It is noteworthy that Natalie expressed her feelings to the baby through the social network. On his page in Instagram the girl published a touching photo with his nephew, using photos of those times, when I had the opportunity to see her. In the signature to pictures Natalia wrote the kind words.

      “Dear boy, I congratulate you happy birthday! You have me so clever, I love you so much. Thank you, SIS, for such a beautiful baby! Plitochka, to grow healthy, clever boy! Obey your elders, study well, let you be surrounded only by good people. Let you every day the sun is shining, I wish you a lot of friends and remember, your nanny loves you more than life!” said aunt Plato.

      We will remind, some time ago representatives Friske said that the family of Joan does not want more conflict and a showdown with Dmitry Shepelev. The TV presenter also said earlier that will not interfere with the meetings, grandparents and aunts with her son. However, the question of reconciliation remains in great difficulty. Meanwhile, Jeanne’s father claims that his intentions have not changed.

      “Of course, we’ve had our differences, and now you can pull a phrase from my old interview and make it into the news. It all looks like a provocation, – said Vladimir Borisovich “Stricom”. Again, at this stage I really want to come to a peace agreement with Dmitry. I, my wife Olga and her daughter Natasha just want to see Plato. Nothing more.”

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