The family of Jeanne Friske blackmailing Shepeleva compromising

Семья Жанны Фриске шантажирует Шепелева компроматом

As soon as the relations of the family of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev, civil husband to her and father of her only child of Plato, become more or less normal, that certainly gets in the way of their absolute reconciliation.

Obviously the family of the deceased singer was not in awe of their novel, and after a deadly illness took Jeanne, her family and Dimitri started a real war for the child. The lawyer of parents Friske told reporters that they have dirt on the presenter, and if he doesn’t allow them to see the child, they will announce it.

“Now all the actions we chose. Lawyers Shepeleva, too, for the reconciliation of the parties and promise that the seven dwarfs will allow to see the child,” said the lawyer.

We will remind that Dmitry self-raising two-year-old Plato, sometimes he help his parents, who live in Minsk.

Jeanne’s parents submitted the claim to Savelovsky court of Moscow that the judge set the order of their encounters with Plato, but, despite the favorable decision of the court, to meet the child they still are unable.

“Grandson we have not yet seen. And when we will be able to see and hug – I don’t know” complains Mat Jeanne Olga Vladimirovna.