The family of Christina Grimmie will submit a new claim

Семья Кристины Гримми подаст новый иск

The lawyer of the family of the murdered singer Christina Grimmie Bryan Caplan said about the intention of the relatives of the actress again file a lawsuit against the organizers of the performance, not to take care of the proper level of security. Family Grimmie will also submit a complaint against judges of the state of Florida, considering the deviation of the initial claim is unlawful.

Like the first lawsuit, the following will be directed against tour promoters AEG Live Christina and Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Plaza Foundation, which owns a concert venue where young girl was gunned down. Brian Kaplan on behalf of the family Grimmie accuses the defendants of their failure to take adequate security measures that led to the tragedy.
Recall that shortly before the murder, AEG Live has reduced financial costs for the safety of Christina and reduced the state guards.
10 June 2016, the actress was signing autographs when she was approached by Kevin Loibl. The young man managed to carry with them not only cutting knife, but a gun. The killer managed to shoot three times in Christine. Sister rushed to the aid there brother singer Marcus, but the killer managed to break free and to kill himself. Brother of Christine still can’t recover after his younger sister was killed in front of him. He blames himself, that did not save her, and even many psychotherapy courses are inconclusive. Family Grimmie believes that if the company promoter did not save on the safety of their girls, and the organizer of the performances put metal detectors, the tragedy could have been avoided.