The family of Chris Cornell exclude conscious suicide

Семья Криса Корнелла исключает осознанное самоубийство

Relatives of the rocker Chris Cornell, the frontman of the groups Soundgarden and Audioslave, who was found hanged last week, can’t accept the verdict of the investigators regarding the suicide of a musician. They believe that Chris had no reason to leave this life so early.

Recall that the musician was found in a hotel room in Detroit, and the medical examiner has confirmed the information that he killed himself. A family spokesperson Chris kirk Pasich suggested relatives of the musician that man is not mg consciously to escape from life. They do not exclude that he did it under the influence of drugs, because shortly before his death he told his wife that he took “an extra pill of Ativan”. She noticed that he slurred says, and Chris admitted. that took a little more than he was prescribed.
“Chris was a recovering addict and had a prescription for Ativan. He could take more than he was prescribed. The family believes that if he killed himself, I didn’t know what to do. Perhaps his mind was affected by drugs” — said the representative of the family.
Ativan (Ativan, valium active ingredient — lorazepam) is a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety, agoraphobia and convulsive disorders. It is often prescribed to drug addicts during addiction treatment. Overdose of the drug may lead to worsening of depression, hallucinations and behavioral abnormalities.
The wife of Chris Cornell Vicky in his statement he described Cornell as a devoted husband and father.
“All who knew him with confidence can tell that he was a good family man and devoted father. He was my best friend. His world revolved around family and his music,” said the grieving widow.
Reasons to leave this world, according to Cornelia, Chris didn’t have. On Wednesday morning, a few hours before the evening concert. he was home with his wife and children. They discussed plans for the summer, the location of the holiday.
“What happened, can not explain, and I hope the medical reports are at least a little will shed light on this story. I know he would never do that. he loved their kids more than life and would never deliberately did not cause us so much pain” says Cornelia. The woman thanked friends and fans of her husband for the words of support, and added that they now need them more than ever.
Chris is survived by two children, daughter Toni and son Christopher.