The family of Catherine Duchess of replenishment

В семье герцогини Кэтрин пополнение
Kate told me about the new resident of Anmer Hall.

В семье герцогини Кэтрин пополнение

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As told the wife of Prince William — Kate
the mansion at Sandringham, where the couple lives most of the year with their
charming offspring — George and Charlotte, has a new tenant. Parents
who are eager to educate their children in the love for all living beings, gave them
a new pet is a little furry hamster. Moreover, the Duchess called the animal a “new family member”. Incidentally, this is not the first pet in the family:
children love to play with a friendly Spaniel named Lupo.

Katherine said that George had invented for
small animal name is Marvin, since that’s the name of his favorite hero
books. Both the baby and Charlotte, who recently turned a year, and
George, who this summer will celebrate its third birthday in
perfect delight from the hamster. But more Marvin still fascinated Charlotte.
Kate explained: “When she takes him in hand and brings them to face, animal funny
pulls its whiskers and tickles the girl. Charlotte comes from it
delight and laughs!”

About the new pet Katherine told during your
visit the new London children’s Park, which was named the Magic Garden, there is a Magic garden. The creators
Park invited the Duchess to its Grand opening. And Catherine had
the opportunity to talk with the audience here is kids. One of the kids by pulling
dad’s sleeve and asked, pointing to Kate: “who is this?” And he said, “This is the Duchess
Cambridge!” “Are you a Princess?” — asked the boy. “Just call me
Kate!” — replied the wife of Prince William. But the children said someone chorus: “Princess
Kate!” On this day Katherine came to regret only two things. First, it
dressed in a dress, not jeans and are unable to ride with your children
slide, although, as she admitted, she so badly wanted. And secondly, it is not
took in a George, and he was unable to play with peers and enjoy the
nearly 7-foot plastic dragon, the mouth of which leaves a real smoke.
However, to take on similar events of George the Duchess yet
fears. As she explained earlier, it is too nimble and is not very obedient.

В семье герцогини Кэтрин пополнение

Princess Charlotte


Kate Middleton with son George


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