The family of Alexander Malinin disown his younger brother

Семья Александра Малинина открестилась от его младшего брата Brother of singer Oleg came to the Studio talk show “In fact”. The man reported that he tried to visit his father Nikolai Stepanovich Vyguzova, but his current family prevented to do so.
Семья Александра Малинина открестилась от его младшего брата

A few weeks ago, Alexander Malinin asked his brother Oleg to visit their father Nikolay Stepanovich Vyguzova. Previously, the second wife of an elderly man said on a talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev, the father of the singer is in serious condition, suffered several strokes, and the famous son does not help him.

After that Oleg Malinin came to the suburbs of Yekaterinburg, where the relative, however, and a half-brother from father’s second marriage Anton vyguzov not allowed relative to the threshold of the house. The men decided to understand family conflict, having a lie detector.

“I believe that he does not have one stroke. That got him,” said Malinin at the beginning of the transmission.

Malinin said that the father left them with Alexander for mom Tatiana Vyguzovo. According to Oleg, the woman was taken by Nikolai Stepanovich from the family, saying that his son Anton is born of him. Brother of the singer is sure that the second wife of the Pope had deceived him 30 years ago. According to Oleg, Tatiana also exaggerates the seriousness of the illness of his father.

“I have strong confidence and proof that it is not his brother. We have different fathers. I did a DNA test and the test showed that zero percent. I have an official document,” – said Oleg.

Семья Александра Малинина открестилась от его младшего брата

Malinin said that in one of his visits to his father, found the butt of Anton and took the test. He provided information Dmitry Shepelev. Such accusations have angered Vyguzova Jr. The young man became angry and left the Studio talk shows, but after a time, the editors returned the man. Tatiana refused to answer questions related to fatherhood.

“We kind of theme here? Not at this who is whose son,” said Vyguzova.

Oleg and host of a talk show suggested the Anton pass the test-the DNA of the Studio program, but the young man refused. Tatiana has supported her son.

“I have an official statement DNA. My father is not the Holy man he had the disease – to drink for several weeks. When this happened, I have said many times that this woman lived with another man. I came to tell you that you have brought father,” accused Oleg mother and son Vyguzova.

At the end of the program, two families have been unable to agree. Oleg Malinin refused to shake hands with Anton Vyguzovo.