The family of Aleksandr Pryanikov collapsed amid millions of debt

Семья Александра Пряникова разрушилась на фоне миллионных долгов The presenter told about a difficult financial position. The showman took out a loan to build a house, but dreams of the man was not to be. In the current situation and problems encountered Alexander blames only himself.

      Семья Александра Пряникова разрушилась на фоне миллионных долгов

      Recently TV presenter Alexander Gingerbread gave a Frank interview in which he told about the financial problems. According to the showman, at some point he had millions in debts and a big problem with work. In addition, on the background of the tense situation, the TV star broke up with his wife Aksinya Gur’yanovoy.

      According to the man, it all started back in 2005. Then Gingerbread and his wife decided to build a house in Balashikha and took a loan in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, putting as collateral under-construction mansion.

      Following seven years of Cakes and Gur’yanova pay the bills, making a total of about 80 thousand dollars. But then the work on the building was suspended. “It turned out that the construction companies have problems with land rights, happened, presumably, raider attacks,” – says the presenter.

      Alexander believed that the Bank will go to meet him and take as collateral the walls of the house. However, the credit institution refused to take such a step, citing the contract. Further, in relation to the stars were penalized. In addition, it took the trial, the results of which Cakes were more than four million rubles.

      Then the lead was beset with problems not only from the Bank, whose staff began to call him with threats, but no one in the family. Atmosphere that prevailed there, Gingerbread calls “tense.” In the end, the marriage of the showman began to crumble. But this mishap, Alexander has not ended.

      “There were complications because the bailiffs have blocked travel abroad, I worked as a TV presenter and talked about travelling to different countries – this was my only nurse. So, I had no home, no family, problems at work and Bank debt,” – said the presenter.

      According to Pryanikov, he was unable to recognize themselves bankrupt, because it is too expensive procedure. “It turned out that the money that lawyers paid by the state, they can’t help me. Need a large amount,” – says a leading. Alexander believes that the situation in which he found himself, reminiscent of the “vicious circle”. However, the TV star not looking for those responsible for what happened to him. “I just fell for the advertising and believed that the Bank can be a human face”, – stated the entertainer during an interview with the site