В семье Любови Успенской произошло несчастье Did not beloved dog singer Frankie. The Yorkshire Terrier was a loyal friend Lyubov Uspenskaya for the last fourteen years. The vocalist, known for its reverent attitude to the pet, grieved his departure.

      Popular singer Lubov Uspenskaya these days are trying to cope with a misfortune befell her – she died beloved dog artist, a Yorkshire Terrier named Frankie who lived in the family of the stars fourteen years. The artist loved their pet and grieved his departure. Lyubov Uspenskaya did not inform the fans about the death of Frankie, she’ll probably do it a bit later when it healed its wound.

      On the death of the devoted friend of the singer told in the microblog TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva.

      “Today was visiting her favorite love assumption. Everyone knows about her love for her pet Frankie, which is not. Luban, sweetheart, hang in there. Our Pets become family members, and take their care very seriously. He has been with you the happy life – know it all! 14 years!” – posted by Lera Kudryavtseva.

      Love the assumption, truly, truly loved Frankie. Terrier lived, surrounded by the cares and attention of his mistress and all of her family members. In a huge house assumption from Frankie was his own room. The singer did not want to part with the adorable four-legged friend and I often took him with me on tour. As a rule, with them in such trips went specially trained chef that prepared the meal for pet stars. Frankie, along with his stellar hostess took part in the recording of the program of the First channel “Three chords,” where Lyubov Uspenskaya was a member of the jury. He accompanied the singer, even to the beautician, while demonstrating excellent education and manners. Indeed, during procedures, Frankie sat on the breast of his mistress motionless. Lyubov Uspenskaya goes to the beautician with a dog

      Specifically, in order to better understand Frankie, the actress a few years ago bought in the US, the device that recognizes 800 the dog’s pulse, and started to learn dog’s language.

      Fans of Lyubov Uspenskaya, who learned about the death of his dog, hastened to Express words of sympathy and support. Fans admit that they understand that these days feels the singer, who lost a true friend.

      “Oh, God. She loved him so much”, “It’s a big loss,” “God, what sorrow. Hang in there, very sorry!”, “It is very painful. In the first place, we lose a friend, very sorry”, “Frankie, baby… lyubonka, honey, hold on, love, our, From, soul my condolences. How terrible pity to lose someone you love, even someone. He’s in heaven, in heaven” – such comments are a fans assumption.