Семья Кайли Дженнер переживает, что та не справится с воспитанием ребенка

20-year-old Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott expecting first child, is born which is due in February of this year. The closer the date of birth of the baby, the more Kylie worries that can not cope with his upbringing.

Семья Кайли Дженнер переживает, что та не справится с воспитанием ребенка

She has nothing to worry about, because the advisers in the family Kardashian-Jenner abound, but not only cares mom Kylie. “The family is still worried because Kylie is too young. But they will support and help her with the baby. Her sister trying to give her as many tips,” says an insider.

Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner outraged that her daughter’s boyfriend Travis does not care about her. Rumor has it that he even changes the expectant mother of his child. “Chris is really pissed. She’s mad at indifferent to her daughter Travis. Chris never saw his concern. Travis is separated from his family, and Chris did not understand how in the future Kylie will develop a relationship with him, but now she is extremely disappointed. Chris made it clear to Travis that her daughter deserves better and that he better not hurt her,” says the insider.

Father of Kylie, which in 2015 had a sex change and appeared before the public as Kathleen Jenner, also wasn’t happy news about pregnancy of the daughter. “Kathleen Jenner first was not happy when I heard that Kylie will become a mother,” says the insider, adding that as Chris questioned the boyfriend.

Recall that Kylie has already shown a wedding ring in the story of instagram. The girl was in the way for the next party Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in honour of the future third child. On the way Jenner decided to get a video posted in the story. She caught his left hand on which one can clearly see the engagement ring from her boyfriend Travis.

Sister Kim decided to throw a Baby Shower in honor of your future baby. A Grand party will be held at the Kardashian mansion hidden hills, where already in all hard training. Kim Kardashian shared with fans of the training, putting in the same story the pictures of the scenery of the mansion for the holiday. Decorate the room entirely in pink shades. Around the house were arranged trees with pink flowers. The decorations were the bouquets, sofas and toys in pink color. Fans never tire of saying that the pink color is not casual has become the main thing in baby shower. All because the couple is expecting a girl, and the party officially declassified it. In the same way fans hoped that this was the day the couple officially confirmed the rumors about the imminent birth of the baby.