Семья подталкивает Джонни Деппа вернуться к Ванессе Паради

Walked enough! Family and friends of Hollywood actor johnny Depp believes that the best women than his former civil wife Vanessa Paradis, she’s the mother of his two children in the world could not be found, and that it was time to take his head and return to her.

“Vanessa helped johnny to go through all this madness with amber heard, she supported him during the most difficult times for him. And this is after he dumped her for a young actress! We all beg him to come back to Vanessa “– said the famous family friend Heather Russell, she’s the ex-wife nephew johnny.
Lily-rose, seventeen-year-old daughter of johnny and Vanessa blames amber in the disintegration of their family. Despite appearing once in the media that the girl became friends with their stepmother, it turned out to be wrong. But the truth emerged after Hurd filed for divorce from her husband, accused him of domestic violence and wanted a piece of his condition.
“We always suspected that amber didn’t love johnny, she wanted it simple to use. We hope that now everything will fall into place,” said Heather.

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