The family Duo of Valerie and Anna Shulgina struck by its sensuality

Семейный дуэт Валерии и Анны Шульгиной поразил своей чувственностью The singer went on tour with heirs. Children of the stars decided to hold her concerts in Kirov and Izhevsk. Fans of Valerie received a lot of impressions from her visit. Many of them found that the performance of the actress and her daughter was unforgettable.

      48-year-old singer Valeria went on tour with his family – 47-year-old producer Joseph Prigozhin, the 23-year-old Anna and 19-year-old Arseniy Chuliganai. The heirs supported the star on two nights in Kirov and Izhevsk. In recognition of the actress, her team captured the entire wagon train, EN route from one city to another.

      In Izhevsk the celebrity met the Director of the producer centre “the ovation” Boris Rubinovskii, organizes performances of Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Sergey Lazarev and many others. Offices of his organization work all over the Udmurt Republic. Rubinovskii arranged Breakfast for Valerie and her family. “Met my dear Leroux, Yosyu, Anna and Arseny! Breakfast pies and cheesecakes. Joey just ate 20 pies on this and decided to limit. Very glad to see! See you at the concert,” shared Rubinovskii in his Instagram.

      Members of a producer wrote that look forward to performances by Valerie in their hometown. Your comment also left singer Igor Nikolaev also been on tour in the capital of Udmurtia. “I recognize the table and cakes,” shared the actor.

      In between exits on the scene the heirs of Valeria didn’t waste any time – they were preparing to support the star. “Messing around with his brother in the dressing room. Joseph came and started to shoot. Tour days… Until my mom on stage, children singing,” said Anna Shulgin in one of his social networks.

      Fans Valeria was delighted after her concerts. The actress gladly signed autographs and took pictures with fans. “The final song the whole audience sang standing”, “self Made star, shocked!”, “Had a wonderful time, we know creativity Valeria heart”, “My first concert, and I’m really happy”, “What is Valeria clever, hardworking and beautiful! To all to look like that”, – expressed his opinion of the fans of the star. Many of them are extremely strong impression was made by the family Duo of Valerie and her heiress.

      “Mother and daughter sing on the same stage. With the help of words and sounds love two people beautifully and sensually intertwined on the stage. Very beautiful composition! Bravo, Valery and Anna,” – wrote in social networks after the concert, Valerie.