The family Already lost someone in the crash

Семья Макарских потеряла близкого человека в авиакатастрофе The death of men makes Victoria and Anton a lot of questions. Roman Izmailov crashed in the Crimea, near Alushta. With him in the helicopter were actor and film producer Alexander Kulikov with assistant Mary.

      Семья Макарских потеряла близкого человека в авиакатастрофе

      Anton and Victoria Makarska upset their fans with a bitter story of a married couple lost a close friend of Roman Izmailov. Artists grieved the death of their friend. Makarska has told his followers how bright and talented had an affair. They reported that a man was killed in a plane crash.

      “Mother, I sincerely ask for your prayers for the repose of the soul of our friend, the servant of God Novel. The affair died in the plane crash, tomorrow will be his funeral. We had a lot of interesting plans and ideas. The novel was incredibly talented and smart. God save us every moment to live with dignity and happily in love for others, radiating good and positive, because none of us knows what moment of his life will be the last in this world. The soul goes to God in that condition in which her found the death of the body. “What will find you, and accept” – wrote in microblogging Victoria.

      Subscribers account Victoria and Anton in the social network expressed their condolences to the couple and wished them rather to cope with an irreplaceable loss. The accident happened on November 28 in the Crimea. Private helicopter crashed near Alushta. In addition to the 45-year-old Roman Izmailov, who piloted the aircraft on Board were actor and film producer Alexander Kulikov with his assistant Maria Suslova. They flew in Belogorsk, however, half an hour before arrival, their helicopter crashed. Each Makarska found 150 feet from the crashed helicopter. Interestingly, in the Crimea, where flying the helicopter on 28 and 29 November it was announced a storm warning. As reported by the media, the flight was sanctioned by the Federal air transport Agency.

      Actor Alexander Kulikov died in the plane crash

      The fans in the microblog Anton and Victoria expressed the view that the plane crash looks pretty strange and suspected that it could happen by chance. However, the details of the incident being investigated until now. The crashed helicopter belonged to the company “Heli-Crimea”, which deals with transportation on the Peninsula.

      “The strange death – not a word. More like a planned murder than an accident,” your verdict a couple of Makarska.