The fame of disease almost resulted in the deafness

Слава о болезни, чуть не закончившейся глухотой

The singer reached out to fans in the video. The star thanked for their support and announced the restoration of a concert tour.

At the end of October but did not get to his concert in Tver. A few hours before the event, the actress was taken away in an ambulance. Fans were seriously concerned when the organizers announced the cancellation of the show due to serious illness of Glory.

As it turned out, a star of dire complications: serious otitis media, the singer could become deaf!

“Forgive me once again, I have had to be in the hospital, but didn’t want to cancel concerts! Now you can become deaf in one ear. So I advise everyone to take care of your health! We will reschedule dates in Tula, Stupino and Tver and are sure to come! Once again, sorry! I hope for your understanding and support!” – has apologised to fans for the cancellation of concerts 36-year-old star.

Fans were worried about the idol, and wished a speedy recovery. A week later, Glory was better, and she appealed to the audience with gratitude and news about health.

“Hello, my dears! To me it has all been good, sing in full. Now a tour of Siberia. And soon I’ll be in St. Petersburg my favorite… Will be very fun and sad. We’ll cry, we laugh, of course, as usual, let’s dance… let’s Hear a good, live of course, music! I love you all waiting! Your Glory” – cheered subscribers star.

“It’s good that you recovered!”, “You are most important, not get sick more,” “Done, never lose courage”, “God grant you health, so nobody was hurt,” he wished the fans Glory.

Video posted by SLAVA (@nastya_slava) 2 Nov 2016 11:46 PDT