Провал Алины Загитовой: что случилось с олимпийской чемпионкой The athlete was only fifth at the world championship. Alina Sagitova three fell in the long program. Won canadian Caitlin Osmond. The Russian figure skater was not among the winners.
Провал Алины Загитовой: что случилось с олимпийской чемпионкой

15-year-old Alina Sagitova made a splash at the Olympics in Korea. Her performance was a triumph and the gold medal is truly deserved. This season, the skater won all the competitions: the Grand Prix final and the European championship. But in Milan, the luck smiled at her. In any program Sagitova fell three times. This did not happen with her even in training. After hire, Alina could not hold back tears. For the total score Sagitova became only the fifth.

One of her rivals was Carolina Kostner. In Milan the 31-year-old skater won the short program. Many believed that sportsense from Italy wins the championship, but falling stars of figure skating has kept her around representatives from other countries.

Lose Olympic medalist at the world Championships for many became surprise. But most fans and colleagues supported the athlete. For example, Alexei Yagudin published a post in which he wrote that still believes Sagitova best.

“Was late for the flight, but watched and worried! Alina, do not worry! I know that very tough season! You still the best this season, and Olympic champion! And the world Championships will still be in your life! We are with you!” – wrote Alexei Yagudin.

Ilya Averbukh also commented on the sudden drop Sagitova in the championship. “I think the reason for the failure of Alina became fatigued, and psychology. Affected by several factors. One of them is the fact that Alina was no longer a dark horse, she was going to Milan the first number, all set for her victory. Everyone was waiting for her result. Medvedev missed these events, but Alina knew that anyway in absentia competing with Eugene, she had something to prove,” he said.

Sports journalists and ordinary fans, examining the bad performance Sagitova, tried to answer the question, what happened to the skater? Some remembered as a legendary coach Tatiana Tarasova announced that 15-year-old Alina, just over a month after the Olympic games has grown three centimetres. In fact, she’s still a teenager and continues to evolve. Growth changes could not impact on the coordination, I think sports journalists.

In addition, the moral burden that bears any athlete, and especially one who passed the most difficult Olympic games also affected the skater. Few people can cope with it. To recall Yulia Lipnitskaya who was unable to bear the psychological pressure after successful performances in and out of the race, leaving big-time sports. And Adelina Sotnikova made a big break in his career, scoring a major victory.

Trainers Sagitova do not give detailed comments. Choreographer athletes Daniel Gleichenhaus until he can answer the question of why it happened, said the statement of the press service of figure skating of Russia.

“I want to apologize to all the fans who supported Alina and our coaching staff. Still, let’s not forget that the girl is only 15 years old. And this is her first world championship. Unfortunately, in any program it has not coped with nerves. Until the end we do not understand why it happened, analyse it and going to work,” said Daniel Gleichenhaus.
Провал Алины Загитовой: что случилось с олимпийской чемпионкой

As for Evgenia Medvedeva, that she did not participate in the world championship in Milan. The athlete is now trying to cure your foot – she got a serious injury this season and barely survived the Olympics. She plans to return to big sport, but if there was it, on this question experts can’t answer.

“The withdrawal is always a difficult period in life. This is not the first launch that I’m missing this season. Even more difficult to sit on the couch and watch the live broadcast of the world Cup. The decision was made for physical reasons. It is impossible to train because of a sore leg. Went to the doctor. The doctor said that we need two months to recover. Jump to me not to be a burden on the foot is also impossible. To glide gently. For me the main thing now is to cure this, let’s say, an old injury. More than half a year lasts the whole story. I want to get rid of it already,” – said Medvedev.