Лишний вес помешал Пелагее стать балериной

About how important it is to exercise yesterday told Laysan utiasheva. For example, the athlete has demonstrated that if you conduct relaxed lifestyle, little movement and a lot while eating, you can in the shortest possible time to just stop recognize themselves in the mirror.

In honor of the 30th anniversary, which is today celebrating Pelagia, the journalists decided to tell little-known facts about the singer and told that the fight against obesity – it is an integral part of Poly life as Rosie.

So, it turned out that in his early childhood Pelagia dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Parents these ideas daughter supported and wanted to develop in her a desire for beauty. But, the end was brought when a small Field was criticized for the extra weight and ruined her dreams of becoming a great ballerina.

Strict teachers at the ballet school, where some time went Pelageya, criticized it and the verdict: despite the fact that the girl has a beautiful cunt, now she weighs the same as adult dancers.


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