The experts proposed to send Zemfira “Eurovision-2017”

Эксперты предложили отправить Земфиру на «Евровидение-2017» According to experts, the singer will represent the country worthily. Zemfira is a well-known artist not only in Russia but also abroad. Besides, her style is different from the traditional performers of pop-music, who go to the international competition.

      Next year Eurovision will be held in Kiev, as the victory at the Eurovision song contest was won by Ukrainian singer Jamala. At the moment, the country that plans to host the event, finds out many financial issues and considers how much it will cost conduct of the contest. In the meantime, Russian experts put forward versions about the one who will go to Eurovision.

      According to some professionals in the field of music, Zemfira has all the chances to go to the contest, as detailed events welcome the original style of the artists. Experts say that a rock singer is now at the peak of his career. Her name known not only in Russia but also abroad. Recently Zemfira gathered a whole room at a concert in London. Musical experts consider that the audience of “Eurovision” tired of pop stars who go for the contest in many countries.

      On Sunday Zemfira gave a concert in the London hall Brixton Academy, which has welcomed rockers such as The Clash, Madonna, Bob Dylan, The Smiths, Faith No More and the Sex Pistols. In the hall the artist was supported by many Russian, who currently reside in the U.S. or loyal fans who go along with Zemfira even abroad. Today known for the hits “Walk”, “Forgive me, my love,” “Macho man”, “Daisy” and many others will feature in one of the concert halls in new York.

      At the end of October Zemfira took part in the program “Evening Urgant” in the air which told about how to pass her concerts abroad. “And I have a long time no bad rounds, laughing admitted Zemfira.- I appreciate it in fullness of the hall. All comers can count on a good night. I rarely ride”.

      Recall that the original music experts wanted to send on “Eurovision-2017” Sergei Shnurov, along with his rock band “Leningrad”. The musician has refused such proposals, responding to him in his microblog. “Russian people, like a fairytale hero, refers to the Cord as evil spirits of a lower order together to defeat absolute evil fairy in his fabulous lair, which showed us the magic mirror”, – commented Cords.