Вован из «Реальных пацанов» станет отцом
Vladimir Selivanov has commented on the rumors about the end of the popular series.

Вован из «Реальных пацанов» станет отцом

Vladimir Selivanov

Photo: Press service of TNT

One of the main characters
project “Real boys” Vladimir
Selivanov told about his personal life,
family and revealed details of the new

— Fans argue
with each other until they were hoarse, busy existence or not. What’s the answer?

— I am married here and my daughter next to screaming… In my personal life I have
OK, like my character. However, the existence has no children. But
Valentina in the series we’ve been working closely.

— Tell me how
he met his wife? However, she was not aware that you’re human
known? And how it was important to you when Dating?

— It so happened that she had not watched the show and was not aware of my
popularity. For me, a very valuable dialogue with people who don’t know me like
actor. However, communication with the fans is no less valuable. It’s nice when
people come up and Express my great respect for the show and the role.

— You now
finally moved to Moscow, or Perm will not let go?

— Perm I have long been released. After I sold an apartment there —
no longer tied to the city. Probably consider myself a Muscovite, because
living in the capital 6 years. To Perm come now only to visit.

Series put on
a pause, but viewers want to see you in a movie theater. Where you can be seen
in the near future?

— Not so long ago we launched a repertory company “Husband for an hour” where I
play a major role. Autumn will be touring extensively, so all we are waiting on
our performances! Most active I am now
do music, so fans will enjoy the new singles.

Vladimir Selivanov

Photo: Personal archive

— Plans are huge.
How do you manage to combine career and family life, which, I agree, too, his
kind of work…

— Family life is a big responsibility and big
work, no pink elephants. Basically, when I was ready for the family, then
she and I had. A good marriage needs to be a willingness something
to sacrifice, to suffer something. The family is the higher purpose for which to live,
much to bear, to love in spite of, not for something.

— There is an opinion,
that “Real boys” came to its logical conclusion. Do you agree?

— If I were a producer, it
the project just wouldn’t close. Good ratings, the interest of the audience is.
I recently returned from “Artek” and was convinced that even the new generation, changing,
continuing us knows the “Real boys”. So the show really
became a hit, people… So “Real boys” has not yet come to his
logical conclusion. There is a new young heroes, such as Garik with
his team. And while
viewers of TNT can remember
the events of the recent
time of the season.