The existence of “Real boys” sing!

Вован из «Реальных пацанов» запел!

And already managed to record his first solo album. The project will bring together the work of Vladimir Selivanov in the last ten years.

Vladimir Selivanov is widely known for her role in the TV series “Real boys.” His existence – though not far, but a good guy who loves his wife Valya. But the life of Vladimir is not only from acting: he is also a musician. Few people know that the song Selivanova sounds in the Intro to the TV series. And new clips had come with enviable regularity. Recently, for example, there was a video for the song “Come closer”. And now the good news for all fans – soon Vladimir will release a music album.

“Somewhere in late November or early December will be my first album! – said Selivanov in social networks. Music is material for another album or two. The fuse is there for 20 more years or 30. And decided to sing old work song “Kolya”. By the way, yesterday was the sixth anniversary of our series on the screens, or seven years, if you count shooting and work before the release of the series on TNT. And I am glad that very soon will present to you the result of their ten years of musical development.”

Meanwhile, the counterpart Vladimir for the “Real kid” Marina Fedunkiv said, what do the actors in between shots. More precisely, it showed that the movie, which involved more Oznobishin and Igor, was published on page Fedunkiw in Instagram. The week funny videos looked more than 430 thousand people (details – in our material).