The exhibition David Bowie set the record

Выставка Дэвида Боуи установила рекорд

A record number of visitors to the history of the Victoria and albert Museum came in recently to see an exhibition of legendary musician David Bowie.

The exposition about life and work was presented at eight venues in the world since 2013. During this period she was seen by 1.5 million visitors, and the Museum of London in the past few weeks, there were more than 312 thousand, which is a record for him(We sincerely hope that the reason this figure was not free entry). Now retrospective you can also visit in Bologna, after the exhibition will travel to Tokyo and in the Spanish Barcelona.
The exhibition consists of 300 objects that belonged to David Bowie. This includes manuscripts, photographs, costumes and props, a story about the life of the great musician and his career.