The ex-wives club: Jolie and aniston met on the “Golden globe”

Клуб бывших жен: Джоли и Энистон встретились на «Золотом глобусе»
The last time the former wife of brad pitt was seen three years ago.

Клуб бывших жен: Джоли и Энистон встретились на «Золотом глобусе»

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston

The web was much discussion took place in Los Angeles
the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe-2018”. However, the attention of the audience
the world do not know how many statues of victors, how meeting “face to
the face of” ex-wives 54-year-old brad pitt is 48-year-old Jennifer aniston and
42-year-old Angelina Jolie.

Since that fateful day, when pitt left aniston for Jolie
— his partner on the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” it’s been 13 years. For these
years Angelina and herself, to the delight of Jennifer, received the status of “former” in 2016
she and brad divorced. But even in such circumstances, the famous war
Jolie and aniston has not stopped. Actress basically do not visit the same
awards and social events.

However, at the 75th awards ceremony “Golden globe”
women made an exception. They both came for the prize in black and supported
the Time’s Up campaign, which aims to end sexual harassment
faced by women all over the world. Angelina looked happy and posed
photographers with her stepson Paxom. Jennifer aniston, in contrast, ignored
press wall and immediately rushed to the auditorium. The star of the show “Friends”
guests were able to see only during the ceremony when she
took to the stage to present one of the awards. Note that the previous
meeting Jolie and aniston took place in 2015 — then both Actresses visited
the award Critics’ Choice Awards. They had to face only
The “Oscar” in 2009.