The ex-wife Stas Pyekha have saved a man in the subway

Экс-жена Стаса Пьехи спасла человека в метро Model rescued passengers in a difficult situation. Natalia Gorchakov said that he had witnessed the brutality of other people who remained indifferent, seeing in distress guy.

      Ex-wife Stas Piekha Natalia Gorchakova help someone in a difficult situation. Like many other celebrities, the model sometimes use public transport to avoid the capital’s traffic jams. On Monday, the young woman went to the station to the Bank. When the girl returned from the credit institution, she saw a visually impaired young man with a white cane who needed help to navigate the Moscow subway. Going down the escalator at the station, he didn’t know where to go.

      “He picked up a young guy, setseverity me, and brought to the platform. After some time I was with them in the same car, going to the next door. A blind young man began to speak to the passengers of the car asking for those who go with a transfer on the ring, so they moved him. Nearby stood a lot of people, but all was silent and the company of strong men in one voice replied: “Nobody is coming”. Then I volunteered. The train approached the platform, we got out of the car, and behind us on the ring moved these same health men,” told the story of Natalia on the page in a social network.

      The model and DJ was surprised at the attitude of the surrounding people. She could not understand why men refused to help the young man. Subscribers Gorchakova expressed their points of view on the situation.

      “It’s not indifference, it’s education. Most importantly, to absolve themselves of responsibility. Not in the business and that’s it. And it all comes back like a boomerang, General human degradation”, “well Done Natasha. Now you will seldom meet good people, everyone cares only for themselves”, “Very good lady” – responded the followers of Natalia.

      Recall that recently Natalie returned with her son to Moscow. A few months young woman and her heir from his marriage with Stas Piekha Peter was hot. Ex-husband of the model was recognized as one of the esters, the boy useful to go on vacation, as he is often sick. The father wants to see Pete when he has a free touring time. Stas and Natalia were able to remain friends after a breakup.