The ex-wife Sarkisov went with a young foreigner

Экс-жена Саркисова разошлась с молодым иностранцем According to rumors, the lovers parted. Julia Lubianskaya stopped posting pictures with the chosen one, a young Lithuanian actor James Tratas. While handsome muscular man wins the British show business, blond enjoys life in Moscow. Themselves Yulia and James has not yet commented on the speculation of the public.

      Экс-жена Саркисова разошлась с молодым иностранцем

      The former wife of oligarch Yulia Sarkisova Lubianskaya provoked speculation about the breakup with the father of a beautiful daughter Lukeria, which came to light last year. The woman had not posted for photographs with her partner, Lithuanian actor James Tratas. Particularly attentive users of social networks noticed that Lubchansky decided to remove the pictures of the boyfriend of microblog, and the artist himself, apparently, have moved overseas.

      In addition, the ex-lovers are not subscribed to each other in social networks. While Julia Lubianskaya enjoys life in Moscow, James Tratas travels to other countries. “Cheers to new beginnings!” – wrote the young man at the end of January last year, while in Vilnius. And in March, the actor was at Albion. Apparently, he is very serious and plans to conquer foreign show business. In a profile of James on Instagram says that he is based in the UK. “You’re not a real Londoner until you get here, the” – with these words Tratas signed a photo taken near St Paul’s Cathedral.

      Экс-жена Саркисова разошлась с молодым иностранцем

      Yulia Lubchansky has not commented on the information about the breakup with James Tratas. In December last year a woman admitted to that happy in a relationship with a younger man and denied speculation about the affair businessman Nikolay Sarkisov. “We love each other and most importantly. He is a talented actor, and I wholeheartedly believe in its future. To the delight of those who appreciate this life only money, I will say that, while his name you will find in the Forbes list, but, believe my experience, it’s not important,” – shared Lyubechansky.

      In his publication Yulia also said that the boyfriend regularly pampers her and gives gifts. The woman admitted that sincerely admire the spiritual qualities of Tratas and finds his ideal.

      “He never would allow me to keep it. This is a real man, he’s an incredible person with a kind heart and strong shoulder. That’s the kind of man imagines every woman, closing her eyes and praying to God to send her the other half. I am the luckiest woman in the world, because the Lord has heard me, and sent it to me. All the talk about the fact that I left Nicholas to James – nothing more than a rumor,” said Lubchansky.