The ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko suddenly stood up in his defense

Экс-супруга Вадима Казаченко неожиданно встала на его защиту Olga stops the insults ex-husband. Despite numerous courts and disagreements with singer, a young woman trying to stop the flow of negativity from detractors. She believes that Vadim Kazachenko was for her a wonderful husband.

Since December of last year, the singer Vadim Kazachenko can’t come to an agreement with his ex-fiancee Olga. Their conflict came to court, but because now the pair is seen only at the meetings. In mid-March the young woman gave birth to a child, but even this has not stopped the process and did not become an occasion for reconciliation. The ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko had a baby

Fans were divided into two sides – one is judging man, and others believe in his integrity. Olga rushed to defend the former chosen one from the attacks of enemies. Despite the fact that she doesn’t understand why Kazachenko so changed his attitude, the woman does not allow anyone to insult her ex-husband.

“Every day I hear about the father of her child that he was a drug addict, alcoholic, inadequate, Alphonse, old, scary, crazy. It is very unpleasant to hear, for me he was the best husband, but his behavior now is not amenable to rational explanation. I don’t know what to say and clearly explain why this is so. I can’t because I don’t know, for which he received accusations that people write such things about him, and I get the blame. I would like to object to them, find the words, but I have no argument. This resembles the behavior of a werewolf or serial killer who does evil in the night, and the day he is family-oriented, I don’t know,” Olga wrote in a microblog.

Kozachenko also said that she is forced to take the baby with you to court hearings, as she has no one to leave him. She admitted that sometimes the baby is under the care of her mom, but grandma can’t take care of grandchildren due to old age.

Apparently, the young woman is not going to give up and will continue to defend its interests in court to the last. She doesn’t want her child left with nothing, and therefore spared no effort, time and nerves to come to meetings with a lawyer.

“I know what is best for him, whatever I do, and better, and the lawyer went to court and just paid him with his partner Ira those many millions, which he requires from me and my mom. So unfortunately, I have to attend all the meetings, because I and my child can stay without all, which seeks Kazachenko, as the amount he requires huge,” wrote the former wife of musician.

Supporters of Olga hastened to cheer her up and agreed that sooner or later justice will prevail and numerous court hearings will cease.