The ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko ready to hit him back

Экс-жена Вадима Казаченко готова нанести ему ответный удар A woman determined to fight for their rights. On 20 February the court declared the marriage of Vadim Kazachenko and Olga Martynova fictitious. However, human rights activist Katya Gordon saw a lot of inconsistencies that have influenced the course of the meeting.

      Экс-жена Вадима Казаченко готова нанести ему ответный удар

      On February 20 the court in the case of stars of the 90s Vadim Kazachenko. The man demanded to recognize his marriage with his wife Olga fictitious. The actor admitted that his wife was literally bewitched and insisted on the wedding. Despite the fact that the singer of the hit “Hurt me, hurt” took your vows of love and fidelity in the registry office, a short time later he realized that he made a mistake. In the end, the judges Gagarinsky court has satisfied the claim of the artist. Vadim Kazachenko freed from pregnant wife

      Soon the ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko give birth to a child. Despite the pregnancy, she intends to fight for the truth. Lawyer Kate Gordon, despite the fact that a week ago she became a mother, already returned to the business to help the defendant. Woman outraged that a few facts the servants of Themis closed her eyes.

      “In this case is also silent about the pregnancy Olga Kazachenko, although the fact that the Pope, Vadim Kazachenko, having a baby, indicates the presence of a family relationship. Also Vadim Kazachenko under the record of the hearing announced that to celebrate the registration of marriage the couple did not go, although the Internet and social networks filled with photos of the wedding celebration the newlyweds Kazachenko in a posh restaurant,” says Gordon.

      The lawyer also said that Olga was not present at the meeting, and therefore had no opportunity to present a different version of life with the artist. According to Kathy, deb Kozachenko knew nothing about the hearing, as the court has sent a notice to the address of the apartment of the producer Vadim Irina Amanti, tried to contact Respondent by phone and e-mail, which she never belonged. Gordon reported that such information was transmitted to the court of the representatives of Vadim. Vadim Kazachenko publicly humiliated pregnant wife

      Fans were able to delve deeper into the situation and supported Kate in her quest to protect a pregnant woman to become Kozachenko. However, many issues for them remains unclear, and therefore not all hastened to make definite conclusions.

      “A lot of uncertainty in this case. He still could amicably agree to pay alimony. Ugly”, “But the judge was not embarrassed unilateral evidence? Not embarrassed by the lack of the other side? Just indifference or something else?”, “So get married and then your marriage just recognize bogus? And what about the wedding and the vows of love? This is not evidence? I’m in shock,” discussed subscribers Gordon.

      Lawyer Vadim Kazachenko Victoria Dergunova reported that spouses had to divide the jointly acquired property, as at the time of marriage, according to her, the pair did not make large purchases on General funds. The woman also said that the hearing in the matter of child support will be reviewed in March.

      The singer himself is not fully convinced that he is the father of the unborn baby. He hopes that genetic analysis will be able to dispel his doubts. Vadim Kazachenko about the scandal with his pregnant wife: “When a child is born, I will do a DNA test”