The ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko ashamed of son’s scandalous divorce

Экс-супруге Вадима Казаченко стыдно перед сыном за скандальный развод The ex-girlfriend of actor wrote a little letter to Philip, in which he shared his version of the acclaimed events. Olga Kazachenko tried to tell the heir about parting with the performer of the hit “Hurt me, hurt me.
Экс-супруге Вадима Казаченко стыдно перед сыном за скандальный развод

Day after day the public is discussing the scandalous breakup of Vadim Kazachenko and his wife Olga. The young woman gave birth to the singer’s son Philip, whom he did not hurry to admit. Olga recently wrote the child a letter, making attempt to communicate with him after the scandal with his father. Sooner or later the heir Kazachenko learns that his parents have publicly clashed and could not establish a relationship over a long period of time.

The court decided that Olga should pay the singer a million rubles. The ex-girlfriend of actor has expressed concerns about where to get the required amount. The courts between the former spouses has not yet ended, so the young woman hopes that she won’t have to fork out such a large scale.

“One day you’re son will grow up and may find on YouTube are all “twenty episodes of the drama” associated with your appearance, – said the ex-wife of singer. – You’ll probably want to explain how the love story between your father and me came out exactly? Writing because over time many things will fade from memory, something does not seem important and urgent, and empty.”
Экс-супруге Вадима Казаченко стыдно перед сыном за скандальный развод

Once Olga was in love with the artist and didn’t even think it would be that way. Now, however, the person to which the young woman felt no more. She believes that the artist has changed over the years.

The court held that the need to do a DNA test to establish relationship between Vadim Kazachenko and little Philip. During examination was held first and currently the only meeting of the singer with the heir. According to Olga, the artist is very cold reaction when he saw the child.

“If there was some emotion, Vadim Gennadievich them are very cleverly concealed. Although you are incredibly cute baby. I’m looking at you and start to smile for no reason”, she said, turning to the heir.

At the end of his Epistle to the son of Olga suddenly announced that is unlikely to ever show him a Frank letter. Young woman ashamed in front of Philip because of the trials with his father.

“Writing the last lines of this letter, know that I will never be able to give it to you. Sweet no reason to lie, and the truth is too ugly. In fact, I wrote it, I guess, for myself, to look at your story from the outside and to understand — what was it? What to say to you, Philip, when you grow up and want an explanation? Never know. All started so well and then your dad and something happened…”said the ex-wife of the artist.

As continues to assert Olga, her ex-husband doesn’t care about the kid, although examination revealed his relationship with Philip. According to the former beloved of the artist, it is very dishonest. «Offensively. And it is sad that our Vadim story, well once began, quite ugly ends,” quoted the young woman, the magazine “Caravan of stories”.

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