The ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko accused of real estate Scam

Экс-жену Вадима Казаченко обвиняют в афере с недвижимостью The singer’s lawyers believe that the young woman had committed fraud. According to them, Olga Kazachenko had no right to rewrite the Dom, acquired by marriage to his grandmother. Now the fate of the disputed property to be resolved in court.
Экс-жену Вадима Казаченко обвиняют в афере с недвижимостью

Just a few days ago fans of Olga Kozachenko was jubilant, because the famous singer has finally acknowledged the son. DNA analysis proved that little Philip is the heir of the artist. Now the ex-fiancee of the musician would have to go to court – this time to compete for real estate.

Vadim Kazachenko been claiming for a house in the suburbs, which she bought with the money received from the sale of his apartment. However, this residential facility is considered joint property. However, in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV the lawyer of the singer reported the possible involvement of the ex-wife of musician to criminal liability.

“Olga Dmitrievna put the house in his grandmother, although he had no right to do that. The house is joint property, so she had to ask permission from Kazachenko. So we are talking about fraud, and it provides for criminal prosecution. Vadim G. intends to fight for his property, he has every right to do,” said the lawyer.
Экс-жену Вадима Казаченко обвиняют в афере с недвижимостью

Olga herself shocked. Now the property is under arrest, and she’s afraid of visits by aggressive collectors. The young woman did not understand why the ex-spouse is trying to take over the house from their child. Due to endless litigation Kazachenko even decided to waive alimony.

“Why would I be asking him for alimony? I owe him a million! So he will pay child maintenance and I they begin to pay his debts. No, I’m not going to do that. I want to be left alone”, – commented Olga.

The young woman denies that rewrote the house at the grandmother, but did not disclose the reasons for such decisions. The current darling of the Kazachenko Irina Amanti at all sure that the document of donation was forged. The papers allegedly stated that Olga not married, although at the time she was married with the singer.

Экс-жену Вадима Казаченко обвиняют в афере с недвижимостью“Do not think that it is so simple! Why did she put the house on the ruble and expensive cars on grandma? Cousin of 88 years and she clearly needed no such luxury. This is all an elaborate fraudulent scheme,” said Amanti.

The proceedings of this court case will begin next year. While Olga tries not even to enter the territory of the disputed land. She is afraid to once again incur the wrath of the ex-spouse and to face new charges in the address.