Экс-супруга беглого олигарха Сергея Пугачева страдает от безденежья Countess Alexandra Tolstaya does not know how to survive with three children. According to her civil husband Sergey Pugachev and a half years ago left the family and went to France. Now she intends to find a job to get out of the plight.
Экс-супруга беглого олигарха Сергея Пугачева страдает от безденежья

A couple of years ago from a well-known entrepreneur and owner of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev seized the property. After a financial institution lost its license in 2010, the businessman was suspected of deliberate bankruptcy, and therefore was a criminal case to return the money. Sergei left Russia, and in 2014, a London court froze his assets in the amount of approximately two billion dollars.

According to some information, now the banker is in France. His civil wife, Countess Alexandra Tolstaya, wondering why her beloved man left her with three children. The family now lives in London, in the prestigious area of Chelsea. Two sons and a daughter attend elite schools that require an impressive charge. Now the former wife of the oligarch suffers from lack of money. She doesn’t know what to do in this situation. Women friends helped her – they paid for the school children until the end of the year. Alexander understands that now everything depends on her.

“Terribly sorry for the children, they should not suffer. They have to switch schools. The lawyers said we could stay another year in the house. Sergei a year and a half doesn’t help, it all depends on me, it’s very hard, – said Thick, in an interview with the talk show “Let them talk”. – If you fail to find a job that will be a crisis, I don’t know how to cope.”
Экс-супруга беглого олигарха Сергея Пугачева страдает от безденежья

Studio guests could not believe that Alexandra left no nest egg, which would be now help. Others argue that she believed and did not think of such a development event.

For eight years Thick lived in luxury – she had a luxurious house with servants and nannies the children. However, before the meeting with the oligarch she wasn’t such a Bohemian lifestyle – working as a journalist for the BBC, traveling to different countries. She showed Dmitry Borisov excerpts from the filming in Kyrgyzstan, where she had to stay in yurts.

Alexander remembered that the first acquaintance with Pugachev took place at work, through mutual friends, she agreed to teaching Sergei English. A couple of years they met again, but in St. Petersburg. Then he found out that Alexandra Countess. Despite the fact that Thick at that time was married, she agreed to go with him to Paris under the pretext of a business trip, where between them broke out passion. After a short period of time she became pregnant with their first child. Though stout warned that her chosen severe, she continued to love him.

“He can’t live in peaceful relationships, we need to break to prove to myself that I love him at the same time to punish,” said the woman.
Экс-супруга беглого олигарха Сергея Пугачева страдает от безденежья

Alexander admitted that he never knew how much money her husband earns. When he suddenly disappeared, it was for her a terrible blow. “He never gave me a Bank card, he gave every month some of that money,” – said Alexander.

Experts in the Studio suggested that, perhaps, before them pretend play. They believe that in this way they are trying to deceive – despite the fact that Alexander became the official wife of the oligarch, his fabulous inheritance will still get to their children. In the opinion of the guests of the talk show, a huge amount businessman are found offshore, access to which can in the future to sons and daughter.