The ex-wife of oligarch Sarkisova made scandal, his new beloved

Экс-жена олигарха Саркисова устроила скандал его новой избраннице Julia Lubianskaya outraged by the behavior of Ilona Catalog. The former wife of businessman Nikolay Sarkisov said that the model he criticizes it on social networks. Lubianskaya hopes for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

      Экс-жена олигарха Саркисова устроила скандал его новой избраннице

      Julia Lyubechansky, ex-wife of the owner of the insurance company “RESO-Garantia” Nikolai Sarkisov, happy in a new relationship. In December last year a woman gave her suitor, Lithuanian actor James Tratas, daughter Lucario. As for the ex-lover of Julia, in the past year, he baptized the newborn son, which he bore model Ilona Catalog. Despite the fact that Lyubechansky and Sarkisov are no longer together, their relationship continued to circulate in the Network. Recently, a woman hastened to clarify the situation. According to Yulia, a similar discussion was provoked by Ilona.

      The former wife of the oligarch Sarkisov gave birth to alien

      “Friends, let us once and for all dot the “i”, and this story I was already pretty exhausted. It is obvious that for some mythical confrontation with me, born of the inflamed imagination is the only meaning of life, but I fortunately have something to do. Many have already guessed that we will focus on today’s female partner my ex-husband. This lady constantly climbs in my life, copying me to the ridiculous in all things, considers itself the right to respond to the questions relating to me and my children, to talk about us in social networks, and so on. We live their lives, no one is interested, and in General for peace in the world, but pug too familiar bark at the elephant and settling down is clearly beyond their strength,” shared the woman.

      According to Lyubechanskii, three of the heirs of the businessman – Mark, Nikita and Sophia tried not to disturb father. “They’re big enough to draw their own conclusions about what they are particularly useless. It is very frustrating to listen to unpleasant remarks and insults your mother,” said the woman.

      Julia also said that he had ceased to count on the help of ex-husband. “Nicholas knows where we live, he has all our phone numbers, but to my great regret, all communication is reduced only to the fact that it sends kids links to some shameful pseudomallei video,” she said.

      Lubianskaya hoped that the current darling of the Sarkisov will cease to discuss it. Otherwise, the woman threatened to publish personal correspondence with the owner. Yulia is especially emphasized by the fact that she doesn’t want to interfere with Ilona.

      “I am for peace and friendship, but as they say, who with a sword to us come, from a sword will perish. So let’s already leave us alone… And if she doesn’t calm down, something in the transmission, which we are about to start off, I can all over the country to tell a lot of interesting things to show in my phone a lot of interesting messages from Nicholas”, – said the woman.