The ex-wife of oligarch Sarkisova explained why there was one

Экс-супруга олигарха Саркисова объяснила, почему осталась одна Julia Lubianskaya called the cause of the breakup with the actor. Woman is tired of questions from subscribers about James Tratas, which a few months ago, her daughter Lukerya. She told in detail what happened between them.

      Ex-wife of a prominent businessman Nikolay Sarkisov Julia Lubianskaya tired of rumours about her personal life. Some time ago, fans suspected that she broke up with the father of her daughter, James Tratas, because all the pictures with the young man disappeared from the microblog mothers of large families. Followers began to speculate. Someone claimed that the elect Julia could not contain SMAU, so she ended the relationship. Lubchansky decided to explain what had really happened.

      The ex-wife of oligarch Sarkisova complained about the lack of money

      “Alas, as happens in the movies, it seems, only in the movies. Apparently, the actors a narcissist, narcissism and others are not compatible with a normal quality life. So I felt it better to let people go, not to waste precious time of our life. No Finance, aircraft, ships and other material trappings are not for me, more important than human values such as love, respect, family and children. I want to give her attention, her warmth to the one who knows how to appreciate and return the favor. My life, my rules,” said Julia, laying the kid.

      Besides, the woman bitterly remembered how she grew up without a father, so I never wanted the children to follow her destiny. “Wanted to see before their eyes an idyllic picture, like a father holds his daughter in his arms, bathes her, plays with her, teaches to take the first steps,” shared Lyubechansky.

      Microblogging users believe that the woman can meet a decent person. “Julia, you will be all right anyway”, “the Words of a strong woman”, “I Agree with many of the comments in your favor. God grant health and strength to you and your family. You are amazing, I admire”, “a Pleasure to read sincere people”, “Listen to your heart and do what you think is right,” wrote words of support commentators.

      At the moment Lyubechansky and her friends relax at the Wellness centre in the Italian town of Merano. In the luxury hotel offers treatments to cleanse the body. Julia restores energy balance and gaining strength. Besides, the woman a lot of walking in the mountains with her daughter. Large mom shares pictures from walks in the microblog, but tries not to show the full face of Luceri.